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welcome to the home of funtime records.
welcome to all those who still believe in alternative music as a counterculture. a scene of people, willing to communicate, without judging to fast and with a strong focus on discovering new aspects of life. whether it's indierock, punkrock, hardcore, emo or noisecore...that' doesn't matter...this is about honest music!
made by dedicated and creative people with the sheer intention to express, play music, feel the passion and rock out on every possible occasion...
communicate, be open minded and let the world around you surprise you !
act and react !


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11th of April 2017

funtime concertflash : reminder THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (uk) + OFF THE CHARTS + NEW TRASH this friday the 14th of april


Hello fine people,

A short reminder of the next funtime concert, this friday the 14th of april.

Vleugel F, Brusselsestraat, Leuven is the place to be.

Doors open at 19.00h

The first band kicks off at 19.45h

We have 3 fine and exquisite punkrockbands on the bill...

The Leuven youngsters of NEW TRASH will open the night. Their fine blend of classic punkrock/poppunk and melodic hardcore will get your feeth moving...Think Descendents meet Bad Religion meet Black Flag with a good dose of their own vibe and you'll get the picture.

Dilbeek's punkrock/post hardcore powerhouse OFF THE CHARTS is up next with rocking , raging tunes. They have been out of the picture for a while but are back for the full 100% and ready to show it to us.

And then we have THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (uk heroes). Back from nowhere and ready to take the stage by storm. Singalongs, dancing moves and a pma that should make you happy! Somewhere inbetween the Loved Ones, Jawbreaker and good old punkrock.

Info and reservations :

Reservations pay 7 euro at the entrance

At the entry you'll pay 8.5 euro

Cheap drinks to complete the night! Hope to see you, boyzandgirlz!!!

facebook event :

10th of April 2017

:: funtime newsflash :: Homer announces last year as a band



Sad news from the funtime vaults. Homer, funtime records' longest active band on the label, just announced they are having their last year as a band. On the 24th of february 2018, the band will give their final salute at JC de Klinker with a final goodbye show and a celebration of 20 years of Homer. They will release a 2 song single ep at that point.

For the past 20 years, Homer has been one of the 'solid rocks' in de Belgian underground scene. They have constantly played shows all over Belgium and beyond. Toured through countries like Italy, Portugal, Swiss, Netherlands, France and played tons of concerts, including lots of festivals like Pukkelpop, Groezrock, Rock Herk, Brakrock, Ieperfest, Hageland Fest, Riorock, Rockfest, Jera on Air, Bunker fest, Kastival, Akkerpop, Good Life Fest... to name just a few of them. Throughout the years, Homer has released various albums, ep's, split cd's and live recordings. Most of them on funtime records, but also other labels were involved like Meter Record, Indiebox, Rearviewmirror, labl and Thanks but no Thanks. Remarkable for all of the things above, is the DIY spirit of the band and their love for music, helping out other bands and making friends all over the world. 2017 will be filled with as many shows as possible...and feb 2018 will offer the very last show! So if you want to say 'hi' and party along, watch out for concert dates on the homer facebook!

Band statement :

Hello dear friends,
Here we go...this is our last year as a 2018 we will give you the final salute!
You were great, we've had about 20 years of amazing experiences, lots of music, tons of friends, and zillions of great experiences. There's too many people to thank, so a massive cheer out to all of you from the bottom of our hearts!
We will still play shows this year, so contact if you want us to trash your stage one last time.
And we hope to see as many of you as possible on the 2017 shows, to make this the best last year ever!
And hey, we got some new songs that will be released early 2018....
Mark the 24-02-2018 on your calendar....more news about that one later on!

Facebook :

Website :



Homer/Billy Liar split cd, 1998, funtime records

Homer 'painting memories' cd, 2001 , funtime records

Homer/Buckle Up split cd, 2003, rearviewmirror records/funtime records

Homer 'the punkrock verses' 2005, funtime records

Homer 'Swan songs for broken voices' ,2007, funtime records

Homer 'Wasteland reflections' , 2009, funtime records

Homer/Actionmen 'split seven inch' 2010, funtime records

Homer/The Rocket live cd/dvd, 2011 thanks but no thanks records

Homer 'Punkrock verses/Swan Songs for broken voices/Wasteland Reflections', 2011 , triple LP reissue, labl records

Homer 'politics of make believe' cd/LP, 2012, funtime records, meter records, indiebox records, labl records

Homer '15 years of hittin' the road, trashing stages and making friends' , 2013, 10inch LP, funtime records

Homer 'loved loss' 2015, CD/LP

Some videos

video Pukkelpop 2013 :

video Groezrock 2011 :

video funtime fest :

video 'loved loss' :


8th of March 2017

::funtime newsflash :: new band on funtime records VALLEY (be) :: F.O.D. rockin' hard


Hello there,

A fresh newsflash with some short snippets for you...

VALLEY joins funtime records
We're happy to announce this new funtime records family member to you! The young and talented VALLEY has joined the roster. For those of you, who don't know the band...this is the way they describe themself : Emotive hardcore. Raw vocals, shivering tunes and heavy chords with some post-rock feels. Something to give you a hint, but they are so much more than this. Their first full length album 'dark tears/bright smiles' will be released on cd at the end of this month and believe's absolutely stunnin'!

facebook page :
Check a new song? :


F.O.D. Goin' crazy
F.O.D. just released their highly anticipated third album and the reactions are quite crazy. This absolute punkrock must have is doin' great. F.O.D. has lots of great things planned ahead, like the support show for SUM 41 at the AB club in Brussels this week, a Japan tour in a couple of weeks and they are confirmed for two of Europe's biggets punk/hc festivals....Groezrock, Meerhout (Be) and Jera on Air, Ysselstein (NL) and this is just the beginning, so keep a big eye on them and - to keep it retro - stay tuned!!!

F.O.D. 'Harvest'

13th of January 2017

::funtime newsflash :: F.O.D. pre orders 'harvest'::

Hello punkrockpeople,

In february, the new F.O.D. album 'harvest' is released on funtime records. And guess what, we'll start the pre-orders for this fine longawaited record at this very moment.
Here's the deal:
The cd version is 10 euro + postage
The Lp version is 15 euro + postage
If you order, you'll get your stuff delivered the week before the actual release party (11th of february).
And there's more...if you place a preorder, you can choose one of the next funtime releases for free on top of your order:

Homer 'politics of make believe'
The Ignored 'fugue'
Octopussys 'face the world'
This is a standoff 'be delighted'

All you have to do is send a mail to with your order + the free cd you want as an extra.
We'll get back to you with all the concrete info...and there you go!

F.O.D. 'Harvest'

4th of December 2016

::funtime newsletter :: ALTITUDE dram-o-rama OUT NOW!!! ::

Hello you all,

A short newsletter to let you know the long awaited second album 'dram-o-rama' by the pretty awesome punkrockband ALTITUDE is out now on funtime records! All of you that were at the release party about two weeks ago, experienced a wonderful night full of great punkrock and an exploding crowd during Altitude's set.

If you want to lighten up these dark winter days, 'dram-o-rama' offers you exactly what you need : an album packed with energetic punkrock anthems, great harmonies, catchy lines and that distinctive Altitude touch we all got hooked to over the years.

'Dram-o-rama' can be ordered through the band, us (mail to and will be in every decent store in about two weeks! What are you waiting for?


25th of October 2016

::funtime newsflash :: ALTITUDE joins the funtime records family ::

Hello dear friends,

Some of you probably already know, but most of you won't, so here we go!
We're extremely happy to tell you the splendid punkrockers of Altitude joined the funtime records family. This young and dedicated band worked hard on the new album that's coming out in november and is packed with anthems that will bring some extra light into your life. The album release party is held at Centrum in Mortsel with a whole bunch of tiptoppie punkrockbands...we hope to see you there! And this tuesday the 25th of october there's already some fine thing coming your way!!! Stay tuned, aight? ;)

!punkrock dedication hardcore motivation indierock sensation!

4th of October 2016

:: funtime newsflash :: FUNTIME FESTIVAL 2016 This saturday the 8th of october at de Klinker, Aarschot

Hello fine people,

This weekend - saturday the 8th of october - it's the annual edition of FUNTIME FESTIVAL.
As usual JC De Klinker, Demervallei, Aarschot is the place to be!
We got a fine menu of great punkrock, hardcore, indiebands for you.
Doors open at 13.00h and you can make a reservation by sending a mail to
If you make a reservation, you'll get in at 11 euro // day price is 13 euro
There will be food available for all you hungry concrete :
Hamburgers, veggie burgers, thai curry with vegetables and rice (vegan) and thai curry with chicken, vegetables and rice
All info can be found on the facebook event page (or the flyer below) :

We hope to see you!

Funtime Festival

5th of September 2016

::funtime newsflash :: upcoming funtime concerts...

Here we are with a short newsflash concerning the upcoming funtime concerts at the Sojo club.
You'll find a list with info etc below...
And besides those fine new announcements...
Don't forget Funtime Festival at de klinker in Aarschot on the 8th of october with bands like

the following fine concerts at
SOJO CLUB, Eenmeilaan 35, 3010 Kessel-Lo (Leuven)

29 september 2016
Doors : 19.00h start : 19.30h
he's back! Fine folktunes with a punky edge
+ more tba soon

24 oktober 2016
Doors : 19.00h start : 19.30h
EF (swe)
Great, intense postrock from Sweden...
Massis (bel)
Belgian instrumental psychedelicpostrockmadness
+ one more band

07 november 2016
Doors : 19.00h start : 19.30h
MUTE (can)
YES! These fine canadians are back with a new album and a new euro tour. Fantastic hightech skatepunk with earblasting melodies...
+ 2 more bands

20 november 2016
Doors : 19.00h start : 19.30h
in co with bearded punk
ASTPAI (austria)
political punkrock...raging, dedicated and full of energy
poppunk with a distinctive twist of their own
Leuven youngsters rocking it hard with a mix of fine punk and hardcore

info and reservations : -
All these concerts with fine support of Mijnleuven/VleugelF and provincie Vlaams-Brabant

16th of August 2016

funtime newsflash :: Homer 'loved loss' Videoclip ::


Funtime records artist HOMER just launched their brandnew videoclip for the titlesong of their newest 'loved loss' CD/LPEP.

Launched on indie channel BlankTV.

The video was directed and produced by Sam Pauwels. Audio recorded by Ace Zec at Oceanside studio, Oostende.

Release : "Loved loss' 6 songs EP on both CD and Vinyl, released on Funtime records, also available through itunes and other online platforms.

Watch the clip :

Link facebook page Homer :

Enjoy and all the best,

independent record label/concert promotor since 1997

20th of June 2016

:: funtime newsflash :: Belvedere + Homer + Octopussys + F.O.D. + Altitude live at JC De Klinker this friday 24th of june 2016


Here we are with a short reminder of the next funtime show : this friday june the 24th 2016 at JC De Klinker

Info and reservations : We accept reservations untill thursday night 20h.

We hope to see you this friday for a fantastic night of punkrocknrollfever!!!

All info about the show :

Funtime concerts/records presents
...a funtime records labelevent...

The first show ever organised at de Klinker in Aarschot, Belvedere was invited to headline. And now, a whole lot years later (and some visits there with TIAS), the canadian masters of technical skatepunk are back! With a new album on funtime records and one of the only 3 shows they are playing in Europe.

Belgian punkrock meets hardcore meets plain loud rock'n roll combo. Recently released their new 'loved loss' lp/cd . They are more than ready tio unleash their passionate, energetic live show on you

Great melodic punkrock with catchy harmonies, tight and warm vocals and an incredible set of singalong songs. In a couple of years time, F.O.D. has become a real householdname in the Belgian/European scene.

Fine poppy punkrock from Belgium's masters of melodycore. Fast, catchy and tongue in cheek. Brings a smile on your face and sets your dancing legs on fire

Hooraay for this fine young and dedicated punkrock combo . Melodic, fast, tight and full of melodies that stick in your head for days...

Make a reservation by sending an email to and you'll pay 11 euro entrance
At the entry (without a reservation) you pay 13 euro.

Time table :
Doors : 18.30
19.00 - 19.30 : Altitude
19.55 - 20.25 : F.O.D.
20.50 - 21.20 : The Octopussys
21.45 - 22.20 : Homer
22.45 - ... : Belvedere

powered by Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

facebook event page:

22th of April 2016

::funtime newsflash :: first names Funtime Festival 2016

Here we are with the first 4 names of this year's edition of funtime fest.
We'll kick of with 2 fresh and young bands:

Video Store
The Dutch Video Store, a new band with a shitload of experienced members...
+++ Ex Face Tomorrow, ex Modern Life is War, ex Razor Crusade, ex Malkovich, ex Gold, ex Kill Traitors, ex Sepiroth and current Backfire, Winterdagen, Halfway Station and Joshua Woods members. That’s a whole lot of musical output for a new band right? So what do you get when you put them all together in a room? Good old fashioned punk rock rooted in the love for the Chapel Hill scene at the end of the eighties. Some references? Think Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, everything Bob Mould has ever done, throw in some Replacements and top it off with some good old mid nineties midwestern emo.
listen to a song:

Next new band on the bill is the Leuven based
New Trash
+++ Punkrock meets raw hardcore , furious, melodic and dedicated as f***. This very young Leuven based outfit deliveres the goods as if they are doing this for years already. something you need to experience live!
listen to a song:

And then there's two already experienced bands...

Your Highness Antwerps biggest and baddest when it comes to sludge, post metal and psychedelics. With a raging live show and well received releases (a new special 1 song release coming up soon) they've conquered stages all over the Benelux. With appearances on Roadburn, Graspop, Pukkelpop, Groezrock (to name just a few of the festivals they played) and numerous clubshows, they've gained themselves a wel established status in the world of thundering guitars. We're happy to have them on this year's funtime fest!
listen to a song:

You Nervous? or that damn fine melodic punkrock/skatepunk outfit with songs that stick in your head all summer long. You Nervous released their new anthemic album a couple of months ago and they are ready to take every punkrock stage by storm. The excellent combo to launch a singalong, stagedive party. Fists in the air, feeth of the ground...
listen to a song:

+++more names tba very soon+++

8th of March 2016

::funtime newsletter :: upcoming funtime shows...


Here we are with a short update about the upcoming funtime shows...

funtime records/concerts vzw presents
1 APRIL 2016
VLEUGEL F, Brusselsestraat 61 a, LEUVEN
Doors : 19.15 Start : 19.45 h

Shai Hulud

Passionate and sincere hardcore, by the godfathers of metalcore!
The new ep 'loved loss' shows the band at its best, rocking hard!
Nineties inspired newskool hardcore by this young belgian band!

info and reservations : 10 euro (reservation)
Supported by/thanks to : VleugelF/Mijnleuven en Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Funtime records/concerts vzw presents
24 JUNI 2016
Doors : 18.30 h

The masters of tech skatepunk are back with a new album and ready to take it by storm!
Great rocking hardcorepunk'n roll, with a new ep 'loved loss'
Catchy, rocking and fastforward tongue in cheek poppunk
Fabulous melodies, great harmonies, punkrock deluxe
Young and oh so dedicated melodic punkrock

Info and reservations : 10 euro (reservation) 12 euro (add)
Supported by : Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Funtime records/concerts vzw presents
8 OKTOBER 2016
First bands tba soon!!!

Shops, get in contact with the following distributors for funtime releases :
Benelux : Suburban
Denmark : North Post
UK : Copro-Sonic
USA : Interpunk, Smartpunk

Funtime Records releases are available through the following fine distro's, mailorders, people :
Belgium : Good Life Recordings, Eye Spy Records, I For Us Records, Offerandum Records, Holy Shit! Records, Suburban
Germany/Austria : Let It Burn Records, Rise Or Rust Records
the Netherlands : Shield Recordings, Crucial Attack Records, Reflections Records, Inside Knowledge, Suburban
Spain : Underhill Records, Aloud Distribution
UK : Engineer Records


Shops, people, we deal direct! for orders, get in contact with :
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