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In the LGBTQ community, there are lots of terminologies which can be utilized to spell out a person’s gender identification, sexual orientation sex phrase and a lot more.


Listed here are a terms that are few found in the LGBTQ Community. Those in BOLD along with an asterisk are deemed unpleasant to your LGBTQA+ community. List is adapted from Montclair State University.


A/Ace Abbreviation of “asexual”. Often utilized to asexual individuals in a manner that is similar “gay” or “straight” are accustomed to relate to homorsexual or heterosexual individuals.

Ace Spectrum The grouping of asexual, demi-sexual, and gray-asexual under just one umbrella of associated orientation that is sexual.

AFAB Abbreviation for “assigned female at birth”.

Agender an individual without sex. An a-gender person's human anatomy will not correspond with their necessarily absence of gender identify. Usually, a-gender individuals aren't focused on their sex that is physical some may l k for to check androgynous.

Ally someone who supports and respects diversity that is sexual functions properly to challenge homophobic and heterosexist remarks and habits and it is happy to explore and understand these types of biases within on their own.